SpaceshipOne is a podcast, blog, and educational platform about climate change, clean energy, public health, and environmental justice. We write and speak for a general audience, promoting scientific and technological exploration, policy improvement, public education & engagement, and BIPOC leadership for the stewardship of our natural systems and the betterment of our global society.

At SpaceshipOne, we truly do believe that a brighter future is possible. We reject the apathetic, nihilistic, austere, and isolationist attitudes that plague many cultures and minds; instead, we uplift ambitious visions and pathways for an inclusive, abundant world where life can thrive— a world we all want to live in, and in fact, we all need in order to survive.

Drawing inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s Spaceship Earth worldview, we believe humanity can and must work together as a harmonious crew, to care for each other and all life on this precious pale blue dot that is our one and only home. And while we revel in the beautiful truth that we all are in this together, we also acknowledge that some have more power, wealth, privilege, and influence than others— often at the expense of others, who suffer without that access. We know that this ever-widening gap is at the root of our climate and ecological crises, and that’s why we believe that a crucial way forward is sharing and redistributing resources, so that everyone can live a healthy, dignified life.

At SpaceshipOne, we believe in the power of human ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration to cultivate the plentiful world we all desire and require.

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