Barnabas Gwaza

SpaceshipOne intern

Short Circuiting Policy


In her 2020 book Short Circuiting Policy, Dr. Leah C. Stokes details the inner workings of climate policy in the US from her perspective as a political scientist. Armed with thorough research and sharp analysis, she exposes how utilities have stifled clean energy advancement and promoted climate denial. The book is easily digestible, and remarkably concise for the amount of information represented.

I believe that this book exposes the underbelly of climate policy in America. It takes the mask off what we see as our normal political process and paints a stark picture of why and how climate policies fail. In so doing, Dr. Stokes gives us an insight into the ways we can indeed advance clean energy and climate policy in America. I view this as essential reading for everyone who is interested in government action on climate change and clean energy. By understanding what we are up against, we become more effective advocates and increase our chances of winning real change.