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Earth For All: A Survival Guide for Humanity

Yelena Sukhanov

SpaceshipOne book club member

Earth for All was overall a great read and I would rate it 4.75 / 5 stars. It covers the main problems we need to address in order to solve (or at least lessen the impact of) the climate crisis. The proposed solutions were precise and achievable, many of them involving systemic economic and political change. It was a very inclusive book in that the author was mindful of other cultures and lifestyles while discussing the subject of the climate crisis.

Overall I enjoyed how straightforward and easy to read it was. It was well-organized, and all of the claims were supported with sources. It would have been easy to look more into the sources provided and dive more deeply into certain concepts. The author also had a positive attitude which was refreshing to find in a book about the climate.

The only thing that slightly disappointed me was I felt like there wasn’t a whole lot I could personally do about the issues discussed. The author pointed out several solutions, however they are not things that the average citizen can accomplish at a local level, rather things people in positions of power and influence can potentially achieve. There was only a short section towards the end that discussed what people can individually do to help. 

Despite this, it’s good to be knowledgeable about current issues so that we can vote and protest in accordance with our values. I’m glad I read it and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!